Attention: Beginners Who is Raising Rabbits and Wants a Healthy, Long Living Rabbit..


From: Gail Paterson

Dear Fellow Rabbit Owner and Enthusiast,

Are you frustrated with the quality of the raising rabbit guide books on the market? Same old stuff? Difficult to follow? Not enough photos? Got questions that need answering but no support?

If you already have or are thinking of getting a Rabbit then there’s something you must know about. You’re probably making critical mistakes in raising your rabbit and don’t even know it!

The problem is that rabbits are not like other pets. You can't just buy a rabbit, put it in a shelter, give them food and expect it to live to their expectancy of up to 15 years!

Does any of this sound familiar?

How can you encourage rabbits to get along with each other?
How can I know if rabbits are playing or fighting?
How long can rabbits remember things and how quickly can they adapt to new environments?
What is the normal process for newborn rabbits once they are born and living in the nest?
How can you keep rabbits from fighting with each other?
How do I get my rabbits to use their litter tray?
How long can rabbits live up to?
How many babies do rabbits usually have?
How do you take care of new baby rabbits?
How much food do I feed my rabbits?
How long should baby rabbits stay with their mother until they must be separated?
How do I make sure my rabbits are living a happy life?
How can you identify the gender of rabbits?
What is the earliest that rabbits can reproduce?
What are some good websites to get information on rabbits?
How long before I can wean baby rabbits from their mother?
What kind of vaccinations do pet rabbits need to get?


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Rabbits do require special care and once you
learn and understand their needs its not that
hard to care and raise rabbit the right way. Rabbits are worth every bit of effort of course as they will reward you many folds in enjoyment as pet, companionship or even for profits.

First, let me ask you a question...Did you get the "owners manual" the day you own your rabbit?

No? I've been in contact with many rabbit owners (and owners-to-be) over the years and I've realized that most rabbit owners actually need one!

As I'm sure you know, each type of animal is unique in terms of the needs at every stages when growing up and rabbit is not an exception. However, most owners don't realize the essential steps that is required in raising their rabbits and often cause the life's of this innocent creature.

I love rabbits. That's why I've spent months and months of research, interviewing rabbit owner, vets, importers and well-known breeders to compile the complete guide book.






You’re interested? Read on right now, this is going to be the most important message you ever read.



Here’s exactly why:

I have created a new ebook called – “How To Raise Rabbits: The Complete Beginners Guide for Rabbit Owners” with 133 pages. This is the ultimate guide that will show you step by step how to raise your rabbits using proven methods.





It virtually covers everything you need to know about raising rabbits. In fact, it actually covers so much more that it’ll save you literally hundreds of hours and money in testing and hoping you get things right!

Imagine being able to start from beginning knowing which rabbit breed to raise and you know using steps and techniques that have already worked and tried before.

You avoid what most newbie’s to the nature of raising rabbits have to go through, TRIAL AND ERROR! No, you’ll know that it’s going to be right from day one. Wouldn’t that be great?

Or what about if you could save, hours, day’s week’s or even months researching how other rabbit owners started their journey? You could spend that time raising more rabbits for fun and profits or having the happiest and healthiest rabbit pet. How would you feel if you could do this?

The best part about this information is that anyone can do it and it’s easy!

Whether your rabbit is a buck or doe, it doesn’t matter. The information and techniques apply to all breeds of rabbits.

Let me give you an idea of what you can EXPECT and LEARN:

Part 1 - Introduction and Rabbit Basics

What you need to know BEFORE you begin. Is rabbit right for you?
Discover 10 questions to consider before settling on the journey to raise rabbits

Review the many surprising benefits of raising rabbits and know which one is right for you from day one

4 little-known criteria to instantly identify which rabbit to get according to your preference
Learn the different terminologies and terms used when describing rabbits
Find out 53 various types of commonly known rabbit species


Part 2 - Getting Started To Raise Rabbits

Tips for purchasing rabbit that rabbit owners rarely reveal and how to choose the right breed

Learn first-hand exactly what to beware of rabbit breeders who want to sell large breeds of rabbits

The #1 common mistake that every new rabbit owners should know to start

How many rabbits to start and how oll should they be?
The fascinating facts about interpreting rabbit body language and behavior as rabbit have a language of their own
Find out the exact message rabbit send out when they are sniffing, circling your feet, chinning, hop dance, teeth grinding and etc..
Tips for feeding your rabbits for them to grow well and fast
Discover when is the best time to feed your rabbit and how much to feed them
Uncover the different types of nutrition for rabbits to keep them healthy and live longer
Learn elements of housing and equipments for having a productive development growth of rabbit
8 concerns and observations you need to know when building rabbit facilities
Proven tested steps on breeding rabbits and find out the ratio between a buck with does
Discover the 4 methods of breeding rabbits and which route you can choose
Learn 2 methods on how to determine whether or not your rabbit is pregnant
An easy step-by-step techniques with diagrams and pictures on how to determine the sex of your rabbit at closer range and from a distance


Part 3 - Taking Care of Your Rabbits Health

How to distinguish the signs of health problems which are common among rabbits and be on guard at all times

Find out about the 9 steps that should be examined on how to tell when your rabbit is not feeling well

Discover 7 most common diseases related to external factors such as skin, eye and ear problems
Learn 10 health issues affected by internal problems


Part 4 - Raising Rabbits for Different Purpose and The Management

3 Tips Rabbit Owners Who Is Raising Rabbits for food and meat should know

Identify which are the 2 best meat breeds because they produce more rapid growth

Uncover feed requirements for meat breeds to gain a productive growing cycle
Learn the handling and labor requirements in taking care of the health and overall management of rabbit production
Discover the secrets to having the right nest box from material to dimension for your rabbit
Find out why keeping records and what to keep track is one of the most important part of raising rabbits
The pros and cons that you need to take into consideration when raising rabbits commercially
Advice from experience rabbit breeders before you decide to start raising rabbits
Learn the guidelines in developing your own estimated budgets, with a breakdown of income, investment, expenses and labor perspective required for 3 category types: low investment budget, middle investment budget and high investment budget

Guidelines to keep in mind when raising rabbits for shows and exhibition

Tips and important area to focus and pay attention when raising rabbits for skins and pelts


Part 5 - Raising Rabbits for Further Improvement

Find out what is the first thing you must do after mating has taken place

Learn about the reproduction of rabbit cycle
Discover the recipe for the ‘milk’ that you should use for your rabbits

Know when is the time to rebreed your does so that the does have enough time after her litter is weaned to regroup and get ready for her new litter

The easiest way to raise more rabbits

19 interesting tips for rabbit owners gathered from experience rabbit owners and breeders

8 commonly asked questions regarding food safety of rabbits


Part 6 - Useful Resources & Learn From Others

List of Rabbit Breeders
Forums and Experience Rabbit Breeders for Support
Clubs and Organizations Relating to Rabbits
Frequently Asked Questions and Common Questions ask by Rabbit Owners
Real Life Case Study of Rabbit Owner


Listen to What Others Are Saying About “How To Raise Rabbits: The Complete Beginners Guide for Rabbit Owners”

If you are new to rabbits or just want a thorough book on raising rabbits, this is a great one. It covers every topic imaginable! I had spent a considerable time searching the internet for information on rabbits, and if I’d bought this ebook first, I could have saved lot of time and learned a lot more a lot faster. It is definitely a good investment.

Elizabeth Loades
Texas, US


This ebook was bought for my son as a Christmas gift. He enjoyed the material together with the New Zealand rabbit I bought for him. It was very easy to understand and he is able to apply what he reads to the current pet rabbit he have.

Mark F. Kennedy
Georgia, USA


I have read at least 5 books on raising rabbits and this one is the best by far! I used this information every step of the way when planning to raise rabbits for meat production. I especially appreciate the section on income, investment and expense for low, medium and high investment outlay where I can picture what to expect. Overall, this is a wonderful reference ebook on raising rabbits and one I would recommend to buy.

Caroline Taylor
Iowa, US

This is one material I found most helpful when I started raising my rabbit doe. I can run to this ebook when I have question or concern, and the information is usually there, thanks to the FAQ section by most rabbit owners. If you don’t know where to start, this ebook is it! A must-have for anybody who is thinking about keeping rabbits.

Great work Gail on the illustrations and pictures! It sure does make it easier to understand.

Kristin Jensen
California, USA

These are just ordinary people like you. They are not sure on how to raise rabbits correctly but rather than just being ignorant and make deadly mistakes, they took action.

What Does It Cost To Have A Rabbit Expert or Vet Giving You Tips & Advice?

You will have an ebook full of expert-tested advice and tips. It is all professionally written, and very easy to read. It is logically laid out, and extremely easy to follow.

It would take you months to collect and organize all of this information yourself. Plus, lots of frustration hours trying to figure it out yourself.

That is why “How To Raise Rabbits: The Complete Beginners Guide for Rabbit Owners” is such a bargain at $27.00.

That is just a fraction of what it cost me to compile and create this information. How can I make it so affordable? Because my costs to deliver it to you are low.

So, I’ll be able to offer this amazing source of information (which will help you become a rabbit expert in a matter of days) to many fellow rabbit enthusiasts.

Download “How To Raise Rabbits” Today Risk Free for 60 days


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Rabbit Housing Manual

There is no one style of rabbit housing that is suitable for all situations, but there are certain basic requirements to be met regardless of the type of housing used. Discover the different types of housing, building materials and ventilations!



FREE Bonus #2 ($9.95 Value)

Rabbit Fitting & Showing

Fitting refers to the selection of a rabbit for show, and the care of that animal to enhance its condition and appearance. Fitting also includes any preparation of the rabbit before the contest, such as checking for ear mites, trimming the toenails, removing dead fur and cleaning the fur. Learn how members are evaluated based on the skills they demonstrate and their general knowledge of rabbits.


FREE Bonus #3 ($12.99 Value)


Backyard Production of Meat Rabbits in Texas

Discover the general and practical information that will help new producer become successful producer of meat rabbits as a backyard activity under Texas conditions. You will also learn the 5 benefits of backyard rabbit production, how to handle heat stress, selecting breeding stock, basic housing and equipment, care of the doe and newborn and, predator control and etc…


FREE Bonus #4 ($9.95 Value)

Rabbit Production

Rabbit farming has grown from raising a few rabbits for family consumption to large commercial operations with hundreds of rabbits. Investment in a rabbitry, including breeding stock, can be quite modest. Expansion is much simpler than other livestock alternatives because a large range of existing facilities can be modified for rabbits and land requirements are negligible. Learn different aspects of rabbit production from marketing, housing, health program, nutrition, risk management and budgeting.


FREE Bonus #5 ($17.89 Value)

Pathology of the Rabbit

Discover the medical science that studies the causes and effects on rabbits from viral diseases, bacterial diseases, protozoal diseases, helminth diseases, nutritional to metabolic diseases. This study is done by Department of Veterinary Pathology and you will learn how each of the diseases is transmitted and diagnosed.





You can get all of these benefits for only $27.00. That's less than $1 a day for just one month! That's less that a daily cup of coffee. It's a fraction of the price you would pay to visit a vet for any rabbit sickness.

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You have nothing to lose ordering, no matter what country you’re in. Start raising rabbit correctly today!

This ebook is a must-have for new rabbit owners, and even people who’ve had rabbits for years could benefit from it. It outlines the physical needs of rabbits, but I especially appreciate how it address rabbits’ often overlooked psychological needs as well. This ebook helps me to enjoy and understand my rabbit better!

Melissa Bride
Ohio, US